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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Beulah Elementary is to provide a comprehensive educational experience enabling all children to reach their full potential.



  About The School  

History of Beulah Elementary





Beulah Elementary School was established in the early 1880's as a community school solely supported by the local citizens.  The school was located on East Bankhead Highway.  Beulah School became a part of the public school system when the Board of Education was created about 1918.  In the early 1930's, the brick Beulah school was built and was used until 1956.  The building was sold to Beulah Baptist Church. 

The facility has undergone renovations and additions in 1961, 1964, 1966, 1970, 1976, 1993, and most recently the summer of 2009.  Twenty-eight classrooms, offices, cafeteria, media center and gymnasium are a part of the current facility.  Approximately 446 students, known as the Beulah "Bees," attend Beulah Elementary today. 



Our vision is to build a community of lifelong learners that become responsible individuals,

independent thinkers, and productive citizens.




We believe that all children deserve a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment.

We believe that all children can learn when their different preferential learning styles are addressed.

We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to achieve success and become productive citizens.

We believe that all children benefit from a partnership among the home, school and community.

We believe that all children can develop competencies in all academic areas and critical thinking skills.

We believe that all children can develop competencies in diversified technologies.

We believe that all children can develop the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills necessary for success in a multi-cultural global society.



Dual Language School


Escuela de Lenguaje Dual

School of Dual Language


     Beulah Elementary School is a cornerstone of Douglas County being established in the 1880s. The school started as a community based school later on joining the Douglas County School system. The pride is evident within this community with the outpouring of support from the Partners in Education. One of our Golden Partners is Beulah Baptist Church with their continuous presence within the school by providing services to support the students and the staff continuing this consistent partnership mirrors the original theme of this community based school. Greystone Power is also another Golden Star Partner in Education with their support to our school.


Beulah Elementary is blazing a trail as one of the very first elementary dual immersion schools in Georgia as well as the excellent growth on the CRCT tests results. There are appropriately 1165 elementary schools in Georgia. Currently there are only 9 dual immersion elementary schools. We are very fortunate to offer this world class education to our student in Douglas County at Beulah Elementary School. In May 2014 the 5th grade students completing elementary school were the first group of students to have completed the dual immersion program since Kindergarten. We are extremely proud of the progress our students and school is making as we continue this journey of a new way of learning. Our school is an educational showcase for the 21st century learning platform for educators, businessman, and the public from all over the southeast.


The Dual Immersion Program uses the 50/50 model, in which students spend half of the school day in the Spanish and the other half-day in English. The programs will begin in Kindergarten and maintain the 50/50 model throughout elementary school. Parents have a choice when they are enrolling their child in Kindergarten to choose the dual immersion pathway or to choose the monolingual pathway which is more traditional. The dual immersion model will be a two-teacher model, one who instructs exclusively in Spanish for half the day, and a second who teaches in English for half the day. We offer the dual immersion model from Kindergarten through fifth grade at Beulah Elementary.


Benefits of Dual Immersion: Language Skills:  Students achieve high proficiency in both the native and target languages. Proven Performance on Standardized Tests:  Immersion students perform as well or better than non-immersion students on state standardized tests. Enhanced Cognitive Skills:  Immersion students typically develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrating increased attention control, better memory, and superior problem-solving skills as well as an enhanced understanding of their primary language. Increased Cultural Sensitivity:  Immersion students are more aware of and show more positive attitudes towards other cultures and an appreciation of other people. Long Term Benefits: Immersion students are better prepared for the global community and job markets where 21st Century Skills are an asset; communities with programs become a hub for international interest.


Our PTSO plays an active role within our school to support students, teachers, parents, and the community. They are eager for other parents to help in our journey for setting the stage of life for our children.


We are partnering with Lithia Springs High School Soccer Team as teenage role models for our students. We will offer the first annual Student Soccer Camp for Beulah in fall for K-5 students to participate more information to come. Our Lithia Springs Soccer Experts will be leading a helping hand with our Soccer Camp. We look forward to this partnership growing and enriching the lives of all involved.


We will hold regular student performances, student workshops, parent workshops, and parent meetings so view our calendar on our website often for opportunities to be on our campus with your child as much as possible. We are very fortunate to enjoy a great relationship with our families. Parents are a huge part of our culture. We will hold monthly breakfast meetings for our mothers the first Wednesday of every month to give support and assistance to help our students be success in all their endeavors. Parents will receive weekly folders every Tuesday from your homeroom teachers with vital information regarding your student’s progress.


When visiting our school you will encounter educational excellence in all areas of our school. The staff prides themselves on delivering instruction that is research based with rigor and relevance to ensure that every child will progress.